Friday, December 27, 2013


I've become a holiday writer.  Owning it.  One day my toddler will slow down and I will be able to process my thoughts instead of my current routine of cooking, feeding, cleaning, repeat.  One day.

I was called off work today, so I am trying to capitalize on the fact that I have some time I wasn't expecting.  I am trying to take a momentduringn nap time to do something nourishing...instead of cleaning up all things Christmas.  

Christmas was good.  I never thought I would say that.  Yes there was a huge hole in the day and in the days leading up to it with my mom gone.  But ultimately, Christmas day was good.  We created what I needed on that day.  Instead of running around and trying to see and meet everyone, we opened up our house and demanded that if people show up, they come in pajamas.  It was fantastic.  Breakfast with some family members, dinner with others.  Two naps from my boy.  And way too salty Chinese food at the end of the day with Jon.  A new tradition he insisted on starting.  Next year I will hopefully be better about picture taking. 

Christmas Pajama Breakfast

We slowed down.  We were present.  Grayson played and destroyed, having no interest in the presents except to stand on them.  That munchkin gets cuter each day and brings me so much joy in the little moments.  Especially because this face is frequently what I get to see.  The stinkface.

I'm so grateful that people came.  I'm grateful for family.  I miss my mom like crazy but tried to surround myself with the Christmas beauty she created when she was alive.  With the crazy toddler we went a more unconventional route in our ornament hanging this year.

Break out the staple gun and put some lights on your basement ceiling and deck the halls.  I kind of love it.  It might be hard to go back to a tree.  The majority of those ornaments were my mom's.  We are now completely aware that it was truly an obsession. 

I can't wait to start more traditions next year when Grayson shows an inkling of interest in anything Christmas related.  My early riser thought that 4:30 was a good time to wake up.  We waited until the sun was up to take pictures.  

Some Christmas card outtakes.

Our snow baby loved the snow as much as his nanny did.

I bet my mom's Christmas in heaven was far beyond her wildest expectations.  I hope yours was fantastic as well.