Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recent Events

I finally cleared my camera and wanted to document some of life's recent happenings. 

Brooke's Communion:  It was so sweet to see her all dolled up and in her element.  Brooke seems born to be a performer and on a stage with all eyes on her.  She can rock the center of attention like no one's business and keep people laughing while she is at it, so she seemed to be in all of her glory while reading her bible verse:
It was so great to see family.  And my niece is stinkin cute.  While I am not Catholic, I do really enjoy the traditions.

Cactus Pears:
Wouldn't recommend them.  We thought we would be adventurous at the grocery store.  Bad choice, lesson learned.  The flavor was weird and you couldn't chew through the seeds.  Barf. (granted they could also just not be ripe at all and we would have no clue)

Simple Pleasures:  Johnny took me out dancing a few weeks ago.  It was out of our box, spur of the moment, and wonderful.  Also we had a parade that went down our street on Memorial Day.  Our neighborhood is big into parades.  It was great to feel like a part of community and to remember those who have been lost.  My favorite parts were the old Chicago cop cars and the people dressed up for the different era's the wars were fought in.  And my most favorite part was the old ice cream truck in the end.  My heart skips a beat when I hear the ice cream truck. 


They really shot off those guns!  Scared the crap out of me.
Finally enjoying some warm, sunny, weather.

Johnny told me I look like a hot sweaty mess in this picture.  At least I am enjoying what I love!