Sunday, July 7, 2013

He Burped in my Nose

Grayson burped in my nose.  Not around my my nose.  The kid was acting all sweet... grabbing my hair and "kissing" my face (which is really trying to bite my face as if I were a piece of cake).  He seriously locked his lips around my nose and as I tried to untangle his sticky fists from my hair before pulling him off, he burped in my nose.  Absolutely disgusting.

Parenthood is seriously amazing.  It is amazing that someone can burp and yet still captivate your heart.

My pregnant friend...of which I have many at the moment...holy baby boom...recently honestly and beautifully confessed her fears about potentially not loving that baby in her belly.  Her first baby.

Her fears felt so familiar, yet also worlds away.  I can remember wanting to plan the perfect time to get pregnant.  You know, the time where I got all the holidays off, we would have ample money in our savings account, Jon and I would have traveled to Europe, and I would be incredibly well rested prior to giving birth.  It would all be just perfect, because everything would change after.  Our worlds would no longer be just about us, but this little all consuming being called a baby.

Well I nailed the holiday thing, but everything else was so not a part of my plan...but it was still perfect...kind of.  Of course I wouldn't take any of it back.  I would not take the sleepless nights spent with my mom or all of my PTO that I used before giving birth.

What I was planning for was the easiest time to have a baby, not the perfect time.  How many times in our lives do we try to plan for the easiest course?  But easy does not challenge us to grow.  Easy does not bring out our inner warrior.  Easy does not stretch us and mold us into the people we are capable of being.  Easy is nice every once in a while, but ultimately I don't want my life to be easy, nor do I want that for my son.  I want my life to be rich, challenging, full of growth and depth.

So with out a doubt I could tell my friend that she would be enough and that the little babe in her belly would captivate her heart.  Yes, her life would change, her house would be more crowded, childcare might be tricky, her body might never be the same, she will spend more money than she can imagine, but she would experience so much of the essence of life, that it would all fall into place and be worth it ten times over.

Even if that little stinker burps in her nose, it will all be worth it.