Saturday, March 10, 2012


Lately I have been just floored by how blessed we are.

Blessed to be buying a town house in a beautiful neighborhood, to have jobs we love, and family and friends that love us.

I watched the YouTube video about Joseph Kony and the children soldiers and I was just blown away.  Blown away by how quickly we forget how good we have it.  How we are in the privileged percentage of the world.

Don't you feel like you need a constant reminder?  Like I should tattoo it on my fingers.  Not to make my feelings or fears little, but to keep it all in perspective and to organize my priorities as such.  To remember to pray for those I don't even know.  To remember to give of my time and my money relentlessly, because it matters.  Because it can save a life and it can make a difference.  To remember to block out the propaganda that can convince me in a whooping 2 seconds that I need those expense jeans because they would make my butt look small or my waist look thin.

You know why else I am blessed, because when I work tonight, I only have to work 11 hours thanks to daylight savings time.  Whoop Whoop!

We negotiated an offer on a townhouse last week.  We have the inspection on Monday.  It is gorgeous, and move in ready, and it feels like it is in the boondocks.  Really it is only 30 minutes north of my job, but it feels super far away. Honestly it took me a while to get over buying a town house.  Like I was entitled to a house.  We work hard, why can't I have it?  Maybe because we both went back to school and need to pay off that debt first...  But I have peace about our decision.  Peace to buy something in our price range that doesn't need a ton of work up front.  (Most of the homes we were looking at in the neighborhoods we wanted looked like total crap.  I love me a good project, but it was a ton to take on, and I felt like we would never know when the next thing would break).

I feel like I shouldn't be sharing the news until we close, but I want to revel in the excitement and the newness.  And it feels official when they slap that pending sign on the internet listing.  See....

That looks official to me!  No more offers going in!  We were able to negotiate it for 13,000 less than list price which made my bargainers heart's freaking day.  So hopefully the inspection won't reveal anything hideous and we can close and move in April.  Luckily 2012 will be a much better tax year because 2011 really sucked it up.

Jon took a look at the golf course by the house.

Funny guy.  Can't wait to hopefully host Goat Fest at the club house and sucker all our new neighbors into coming.  I bet our friends are excited that we can't move every year anymore and that we will stop asking for moving help.  It feels good to plant roots and to pull my big girl pants up even if they don't make my butt look like a super model.  

Have a blessed day.  Take 30 minutes at watch the video.  You won't regret it.