Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Getting nervous and excited about the new things coming up in our lives.  My last shift was bittersweet.  I'm really going to miss the girls I work with and I can definitely seeing myself going back to that hospital to deliver once we enter that stage of life.  I've made some great memories and shared some wonderful moments with colleagues and patients.  Here is some documentation that we had a great time at the cubs game.

I'm going to take pictures and some measurements of the new house we are heading to.  Trying to decide what if anything to sell on craigslist.  We shall see.  Looking forward to the DIY opportunities!

This past weekend we went to another wedding.  I love weddings.  I love what they stand for and I love the celebration.  It was so great to stand alongside Megan and Mark and to have been able to watch them grow into the couple they have become.  It is also so great when you are able to go to wedding with a bunch of close friends. Most importantly (not really), I love the dance floor.  I want to open a bar/restaurant that is set up to be like a wedding reception.  No need for the bump and grind like the clubs of today, just a good ol' fashion dance floor.  I apologize for the upcoming picture overload, just feeling the need to document our mundane life.

See, I do love the dance floor.  Even the cupid shuffle.
I need to get off the computer and start packing, like 2 hours ago.  Oh well.  You would think my crap would know how to pack itself by now.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear Diary

Apparently my ability to maintain a blog is like my ability to maintain a diary as kiddo.  I sucked at it.  If anyone ever stole it they were most likely really disappointed when they opened it to only find one page written on.  I haven't wanted to document my life for the past month because I haven't been in the best place.  However, the best places don't always grow, stretch, and challenge us like the difficult times.  In all honesty I wasn't too impressed with my ability to handle this difficult time.  I got a bit too whiny and hopeless.  Not who I want to be.  Good thing there will be many more difficult times in my life where I can rise to the occasion.

Luckily I learned a lot about myself and I dyed my hair.  With new hair comes a new attitude. ( and in a week or so will come new hair once again because my self hair dyeing skills are apparently really limited...should have left it to the professionals but my cheap self got the best of me).

I was also extremely blessed that with new hair came a new job as well.  One I didn't see coming, and one I worked the least to get.  In the past I have contacted managers and gone above and beyond to get an interview. This time I applied online on Monday, was called back in a couple of hours, interviewed on Tuesday, and was made an offer on Wednesday. I have never had such a wonderful experience with an HR department.  The job is also in my hometown and where both my husband and I were born.  It feels a wee bit  sentimental to be working in my hometown.  Like when I used to come back from college (pretty much every weekend because I was a homebody). It is still a night shift position, but it is only 3, 12 hour shifts and feels a lot more manageable.  I am also going to work in L&D, Postpartum, Newborn Nursery, and Special Care Nursery, so I am ecstatic about the new learning opportunities, especially the special care nursery.

The new hair must really work for me because we also got a new rental.  A house.  So exciting.  Not much more money that our current condo, but now I will have a garage and a garden next year...maybe even some mums this year!  It is out in the burbs so it adds to the nostalgia of coming home.  Life is changing really quickly, but I really feel God's hand guiding us forward.  While it is a lot of change, it all feels so right.

So I will yet again try to reinforce some new habits, like blogging more than once a month.  I am also going to tack on a million pictures to this post.  Partly because I want to remember all of these times in our lives, and partly because I am not able to purchase a better camera until I prove to my husband that I use this one.  Here's the proof baby, here's the proof.

Kim had an awesome bachelorette party!

Sisters, missing the other one.
 Gavin had a pirate themed party.  My mom and Larry decided to go big or go home.  The best part was when they pulled up on the motorcycle with a pirate flag and the Pirates of the Caribbean theme blaring.

 We have some of the best friends and no better place to hang out than around a fire.

 Laura graduated!!

 She also can't decided if she likes it hot or not.  And Chris gives a great stink eye.

 My new favorite family tradition.  Walks after Sunday night dinner.

 Out of order pictures from Kim's wedding!

 Too cute!

 Happy Couple!

 A most realistic picture.
 Someone convince this girl to stay in Illinois please.
 Erica and Mike were in town!!!  Happy Birthday to her!
 Megan's Bachelorette party

 Xbox dance.  Most amazing game ever.
 So that was way to many unorganized pictures that took me too long to post.  But better late than never.  Off to work.  Trying to take in all the good of my last few shifts.