Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Once Christmas is over, I'm done until next December.  I kinda run with the extremes.  All or nothing.  So now Christmas seems like it was a world away, but I still want to get down some of my Christmas memories of this year.  So please pardon this boring post as it is just a way for me to make sure I never delete and lose all of my digital images.  

Since both J and I have divorced parents we get to celebrate the holidays four times, every time.  Blessing and a curse.  This Christmas commenced with the Noto side.  We all got scarfs.
 Where's Danny?

 Oh goodness.
The next day we wrapped presents for the adopt-a-family we do on the Noto side.
 Yep, still wrapping
 We might have stolen some of the presents for the little girl.  We just wanted to be hip.

There were some events at our church.  One involved reindeer.  Real reindeer.  Go big or go home.
And no I am not pregnant.  That shirt hugged just right to make it appear as such.  Can you see something missing in this picture?  

Christmas Eve started with a heart attack inducing meal at my fathers.  AKA "french toast" (deep fried in a pan of oil).  Did you know I have high cholesterol?  I wonder why. Exhibit A: 
 My dad decided to try out "the Noah" mustache.  It suits my brother a bit better.
Christmas culminated with the gingerbread fiasco.  I decided to go with a pre-made house so that I could spend my time decorating.  It sucked.  The frosting wouldn't stick and it looked like poop.  Please pardon the out of order picture upload.  
Larry's reindeer in progress:
 Jon working on his mail truck
 My gumdrops are sliding off the back of my house.  Booooo
 Aly is making an igloo.
 We should have made a sleigh to go with the reindeer.  PS he was originally constructing the Great Wall of China.  How they developed into reindeer is beyond me.

 Aly's igloo.  The winner by far.  Please don't mind the penguin mooning you was he takes a dip in the pond-o-frosting.
Feel bad for the driver, there is no door on this mail truck.  Not even on the wrong side, sucker.
 My house is dumb.  Normal and boring.  Next year I will redeem myself.
 My mom's Christmas decorations.
 Piping on the mail symbol.

 This was hilarious because no one had a lid to put out the fire.  She was making some kind of sauce and we were burning off some brandy.  Keep lids handy people, keep them handy.

 This is the picture that greeted me when I woke up on my anniversary.  What a lucky girl I am.
 Putting away Christmas decorations gets worse before it gets better.
So that is my massive photo dump.  I am currently hopped up on different combinations of drugs as I try to get over a cold/or the flu.  Not sure which, but either way I'm pretty miserable.  By writing this post I have accomplished one thing other than watching T.V. today.  Pretty impressive.  Not really.  You know you are sick when you can sleep a whole day after working a night shift and go right back to sleep that night until 1130 the next morning.  I'm going to go continue that trend.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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