Monday, December 5, 2011

Mix Tape

Last night I celebrated my sister's birthday.  I love her.  I have really been blessed with an amazing family, and I must say that sisters take the cake.

My sister, brother and I took a car ride out to look at one of those Christmas musical lights display.  We went to get hot chocolate and my brother got a Slurpee.  He felt like freezing it out.  He also sat in the front seat of my echo and proved to me how incredibly small my car is.  We had the seat all the way back and his knees still touched the dash.  I felt claustrophobic sitting next to him.

Anyways. This is the third year I have seen it, and it still rocks my socks.  I know I am an easy sell, but you should check it out.  (  While we were there I kept trying to film the good songs to show J how cool it was.  It was like trying to make a good mix tape when I used to steal songs from the radio.  I was never quite able to catch the beginning of any of the good songs.  There was no top ten where I could predict what was coming next.  So instead I have a hodge podge of song middles.  Oh well, I enjoyed it.

If it wasn't pouring rain we could have gotten out and picked up "believe" bells.  So cute.  I cannot wait to share Christmas with children.  My favorite part of the display is Santa walking around in the house window.  It is hard to see from the video, but looks pretty sweet in person.

On our way home we found another house that was only a few blocks away from where my brother lived, and it was cooler than the one we drove 45 minutes to see.  Ironic.
Please forgive the length of the videos, I was trying to anticipate the good songs.  Fast forward to the good parts.

For my birthday I might have gotten the best birthday card ever.  I have gotten some amazing cards in the past, but my Brothers-in-Law really took it to the next level.

I also finished some kitchen Christmas decorating...
I find that itty bitty ornaments have endless possibilities when it comes to Christmas decorating.

Note to self, close cabinets prior to taking picture.  Also, 3M strips suck and that garland keeps slipping...hence why it is shoved in the cabinets and they aren't closing all the way.  I wonder what made them work so well when I lived in Elmhurst.  Maybe 3M goes best with plaster walls, who knows.

This morning I woke up to a little bit of this:

Ahhh the Midwest in the start of it's winter glory.  Much to my husbands dismay, I love snow.  I'm off to sleep on this cold and cloudy afternoon so that I can work tonight.  Happy Tuesday.

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