Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Poop

I feel like a poop.  I'm in a Christmas funk.  It doesn't feel like Christmas. No snow, no more holiday parties.  (Note to self, if you want more parties you have to throw them yourself.  Duh.)

So instead of whining about it, I want to do something.  Today I am going to clean my house and clean it well.  So that I can enjoy the last of my Christmas decorations and not have them be covered in crap.  Sorry to the three wise men who may have served as mail holders over the past few days.  Whoops. For me it is next to impossible to clean without motivation.  I'm still waiting for it to set in.  The wise men need to speak up and voice their annoyance with me.

Tomorrow I want to make plans.  I think I need to find me some kiddos.  Kids always seem to be excited about Christmas.  I will do my best to not steal any off the street, but rather mooch the ones I know. Maybe I can do some Christmas crafts or rock some random acts of kindness.  Please let me know if you can think of some really good random acts of kindness that I can do tomorrow, potentially with kids.

As I was wallowing in my funk, it started to snow, big snow globe flakes that fell really slow.  Unfortunately the warm ground zapped them when they landed.  It was nice to watch them while they lasted.

I also need ideas for my ginger bread project this Christmas.  I am desperate.  I don't know how to top my stained glass or my three foot castle.  Ideas, please :)

 Check out that glue stick.  We mean business.
 This was before her face got smashed in her creation.
 Maybe it was only 2 feet.  Bigger in my memory.

 Jon's pirate ship.  I like the cannon.

Here are some pictures of Christmas memories past to help me climb back up to my festive self.

Noah as Santa Claus. One day I'm going to dye his eye brows white in his sleep so it matches his super expensive looking beard.

 Gingerbread making with kiddos.
 The Gavinator
 It wouldn't be a gingerbread event if some frosting and candy didn't end up on my face.  Notice that my mom and I find this way funnier than Teagan does.
 Who needs a house when you have a face.
 Some good lookin in-laws.  And I was having an awesome hair day.  Just sayin.
 Ugly sweaters.  Meet lumber-jack-sweater-vest-man.  Lookin good.
 Some old friends rocking the ugly sweaters.
 Gift exchange with SNOW in the background.
 Mario and Luigi.  They crack me up.
OK I am off to clean.  Hopefully.

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