Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Balloon Drop

We rang this new year in with style.  After coming down with Jon's terrible cold of doom the week before New Years, a crazy celebration was a bit out of my least if it was downtown and took multiple forms of transportation to get there.  So we brought the party home.

We were going to go somewhere with a balloon drop and I had my heart set on it.  J went to the dollar store and got 50 balloons to amuse his crazy wife. If I had some higher ceilings we could have really made it a party, but we had to make due with the normal ceilings that I have.  We already had some painters tape and plastic table cloths, what more can it take.  (Originally I was going to tack up the plastic.  That would have been funny when it fell down.  Luckily my husband actually has a brain and suggested I think of a different method.)

So we blew up balloons until our cheeks tingled and I used more tape than we thought was necessary.  And here are the results.  Is it weird if I am hoping someone pins this crap on Pinterest.  It was freaking genius.

The three dollar balloon drop.

And when we let it rip, it looked like this:

Here are some other pictures from New Years.  

Cheek Destruction:

Tuxedo Wine:
 This must have been before I started loosing at Settlers of Catan.  I look way too happy.
 Anna was probably winning at this point.
 Anna knows me too well.  Christmas candy necklace on clearance.  Three things I love in one...
 My phone took crappy pictures.

Jon and I are off for a date night down town tomorrow.  Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas present all rolled into one.  Yes please.

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