Sunday, January 22, 2012

Teeny Bopper.

I've already confessed my love for Twilight.  I love it for its terrible triangular drama that I would rather read in a book than experience in my life.  I have a new love.  My sister convinced me to read "The Hunger Games."  I don't really know if this is a teeny bopper book or not, but I read the entire second book from 10:30-3:30 on Friday night.  Given my previous tastes in books, I wouldn't be surprised.

Please don't judge that we were in bed by 10:30 on Friday night.  It was a long week, but not long enough for me to put the dumb book down and go to bed.

I want to forewarn you that this is a boring post.  No deep thoughts.  Just some boring January documentation.

While I am spilling my guts and embarrassing myself about my reading choices, I should share the picture of what my mom dug out of the garage.

Yes, that is my prom dress.  I loved it.  From it's unique color to it's awesome beading, it was special.  Please do not judge my dirty hair, lack of make up or my arm pit fat that wants to jump over the side of the dress if I take a breath. My mom thinks I should cut it up and make pillows.  I think I should figure out how to drop 15 lbs and have a prom party.  I could even have a balloon drop at the party.  How awesome would that be? Maybe I should also have a "re-wear your wedding dress party."  OK enough of my brainstorm.

Here is another embarrassing photo.  My new Tupperware organizational system.

I would like to get rid of Tupperware all together.  It melts, and there is no good way to put it away.  Drives me insane.  So I decided to just start chucking it in my laundry room and it usually makes it into the basket.

Jon spoke at an event at church today.  He did fantastic.  My heart grew in my chest just like the Grinch as I swelled up with pride for him.  That is about as mushy as we get, but I was honored to call him my husband today.  What a stud.

Have an amazing Sunday and week.


  1. I think you should wear this dress on Thursday!!! My prom pic is hanging in my parents house. Oh high school fashions!!!

  2. Slight problem, I can't zip it up all the way. Maybe in a couple months!