Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've got the itch.  The travel itch.  All the time. Our recent trip to Marco Island didn't satisfy my travel needs, but rather just showed me what I was missing.  I'm constantly stalking (where I should be entitled to free rentals since I have sent the website so many customers) to find last minute deals that seem too good to pass up.  (My most recent "we need to stay here place" was in Maui).  I fantasize and plan, and then Johnny comes home and slaps me in the face with reality.  We are two young fools who went to grad school and racked up a good amount of student loans and multiple vacations in one year is probably not our best bet at this point in our life.  In high school I always said I wanted to travel before I had kids.  I think everyone says it.  And it's true, and if you are fortunate enough to marry  a rich man and make it to Italy and Greece prior to getting knocked up in your super dandy life, more power to you (and I am only slightly green with envy, like olive green).

However, that is not the world God has blessed me with and I need to get over it.  We are waiting a bit longer to have kids due to finances and I don't think I want to push our finances back even farther for the sake of travel.  Everything in moderation...or at least I need to find some balance.  (Although I have to take vacation time at some point during this year, and I totally don't want to take that time to have a "staycation".  Because in my head a staycation means that I should clean and organize my house or do something productive and that does not sound vacation time worthy to me in the least.  So maybe we can plan a small trip somewhere that doesn't involve an airplane.)

Maybe one day I will be a world class traveler, or even just a mom who needs a break from her kids and has awesome grandparents that watch the kiddos so I can finally escape to Greece...or Maui...or New Zealand (Go big or go home??), but today I am trying to be grateful for where I'm at.  Today I made it to the Dr.'s office, made egg salad and wrote a blog post before napping before work.  Thats better than watching Dancing with the Stars all morning.  Small victories.
So I am thankful for our trip to Marco and am posting some pictures to remember it :)

I like to fly, him...not so much
 First sighting of palm trees!
 Helllllooooooo Gulf of Mexico
 Taking it all in and wondering why our families settled in the flat, cold, boring, midwest
 Cheeseball city, but he humored me
 We went somewhere on a plane together....WOO -Freaking- HOOOOOO

 Check out Johnnys choice of cup.  This may have been where I explained what a babymoon was.
 Wind in our faces, Salt in our only burned a little.
 You would smile too...
 If you were looking at this

 Beautiful Sunsets

 I kinda like him
 This was just before I had my freak out panic attack because I deleted the movie of us jetskiing with the dolphins.  So it was the last picture taken so that I could recover it.  I've watched it once since then and it wasn't quite as exciting or emotional as my panic attack.

Some good memories, and hopefully we can make some more in the future :)

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