Saturday, March 19, 2011


Stoked: full of enthusiasm.  Or at least that is what it currently says on the butt of my undies from old school American Eagle.  I need to do some laundry.
I booked a trip to Disney with my family, two days before they were scheduled to go.  I was wallowing in my pity party about having to stay home for work and decided that if I could find a cheap enough flight, I would just bite the bullet and go even if it was only for a couple days.  So I am living this week to the fullest.  Working until 7 am Monday morning and being on my flight by 9:44 am.  Traffic better cooperate.  I then come back Friday morning and work the entire weekend.
I plan on needing a rest from my vacation.  Mickey better watch out because I am on a mission: Suck as much life, love, and energy out of those four days as possible.
I am looking forward to a lot of this:
 And time with these:

 And nights like this:
 Funny faces galore

 Some sugared up monsters:
 Good friends and family:
 Coming home feeling like this:

It may not be the most responsible thing I have ever done, but it is about balance.  And this fills me up and satisfies my soul.  I so wish I could share this experience with the hubs, but we will have to find some soul satisfaction at the end of summer and in the meantime I am so grateful that he's gracefully allowing me to go.
Feeling beyond blessed today and can't wait to surprise my sisters at the Magic Kingdom.

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