Monday, November 7, 2011


I want everyone to know that I had to Google "reminiscing" to figure out how to spell it.  I don't know what type of program they used when I was in first grade, but I never learned to spell.  Then Microsoft started auto correcting it for me and it got even worse.  I digress.
I'm not sure why, but I've been reminiscing about my wedding lately.  Maybe its the oddly warm and rainy weather in the middle of November that greatly resembles my wedding day, or the pictures I just came across when I started to clean the office.  (Finding said pictures caused me to stop cleaning and make a bigger mess and then decide to go type some crap out about it, I guess I am easily distracted).
So back to my wedding, I have had a few people talk to me about money saving when wedding planning lately, so I wanted to document some of the ways that I was able to do that.  We had a gorgeous wedding on a budget, and I had so much fun I would do it every year.  I loved the planning, the bargaining, and the kick-ass celebration that you get to have with all the people in your life that mean the most to you.

We got married two days after Christmas and we had the ceremony and reception all in one location because I was afraid of a snow storm (irony was it was 65 degrees and pouring rain, all the beautiful snow melted, and a lot of people didn't come because their basement flooded).  We saved about 15% off the cost of our big bill from the hall because of the not so popular date.  It was cheaper to have it all in one place, and also I think more people came to the ceremony as well.  To top it off people don't mind waiting in line to greet the bride and groom if it is on the way to the open bar and appetizers.  Just saying.

Pre-wedding I had someone come to the hall to help everyone get ready (the girl that cuts my five year old cousin's hair).  It was awesome to not have to go anywhere.  She was awesome, and super reasonably priced.  I also did all my own make up.

When I was dress shopping I fell in love with a dress way out of my price range.  I could not see spending that much money on something I would wear one day.  I think I could have gotten married in the nude and had as great of a time.  So a local seamstress that my family knew replicated the dress for me.  Best idea ever, and we were able to tweak things so that I loved it even more.  The lace was from Nottingham England, and no one will ever have the same dress.  I really wanted simple, and not pouffey.  I wanted my husband to know that my body existed in my dress and not look like a big cupcake.  No tulle and no girdles.  And I had to be able to dance my heart out in it (side note, I definitely ripped out the train on cotton-eyed-joe.  My bad).  Mission accomplished.  My friend's mom also helped me make my own veil.  Total cost for dress: 600, total cost for veil: 10.  Make my freaking day.

I gave all the girls the color and the designer of the dress and told them to take their pick.  People come in different shapes and sizes, and so do dresses.  Go for it and choose the one you are most comfortable in.  We have decent sized families, so we only had family stand up in the wedding.

We kept it simple and decorated with candles (cheaper), which I also felt was more appropriate in winter. We used the decorations from the ceremony to decorate the head table, and the only flowers I ordered were bouquets and boots.

I have to give mad props to David Difuntorum, the photographer.  With the crappy weather and my brilliant candle idea that killed the lighting during the ceremony, he did an amazing job.  I think we laughed all day because of him.  Dave was a leader in my youth group when I was in highschool, so it was incredibly special for him to be a part of my wedding.  He made everything so much fun, and produced an amazing product.  Not only that, but he was able to make a banquet hall into a photostudio.  There was no chance of venturing outside for any beautiful nature pictures, but I feel like my picture selection lacked nothing.  The more people you love that can help be a large part of your wedding, the better.  Our friend's dad was the pastor for the ceremony, and another friends dad was the DJ.  It was lovely.  Did your photographer spin around the dance floor with your new found husband.  I bet not.
The cake was included in the hall package and was amazing.  A family friend added the flowers to it for me and it turned out fantastic.  And for the favors we did a candy table.  Best. Idea. Ever.  It was a huge hit and I am three cavities richer for it.  I think I am the only weirdo that loves those flying saucer candies with the sprinkles inside.  My mom did an amazing job of borrowing a sucker tree and getting awesome unique candy.

I loved the challenge of doing everything on a budget, but I think I just loved getting married and being surrounded by friends and family.  I didn't care what happened, my dress no longer fit (so I safety pinned it tighter) and it was pouring rain...but I was getting married to the love of my life and people were coming to celebrate with me.  That's a good wedding to me.  I've had a perma-grin looking through these pictures.  I can't wait till the hububs gets home to give him a big hug and kiss.  Here are a few more of my favorite pictures just because I can't get enough.  Maybe I will threw another reception for my five year anniversary.  A girl can dream.

Now I desperately need a wedding to go to.  Seriously I can't get enough of them.  Sorry for the picture overload

Hall:  The Meadows Club
Florist: (also where we rented the Arbor thingy) Ashland Addison
DJ: Pete Kovacevich with Gala Events
Photographer: David Difuntorum
Candy: (they let us barrow the tree because they are nice): Candy World in Woodfield mall


  1. WOOOOO!!!! Man it was awesome to relive that day! You guys were so much fun. I loved your company and what a wonderful time it was. Thank you so much for posting these shots, your thoughts and linking me. Love to you and Johnny!

  2. Aww - love all the pictures! You guys are so cute! Your dress was FANTASTIC- and loved all your money saving ideas (I made my veil too!!). Thanks for linking up!

  3. PS - you should totally throw yourself another party. I'm trying to convince Mike we need to renew our vows someday :). Maybe 10 years! Haha!