Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Nocember

It seems to rain/snow on important days of my life.  The day I was born was the first snow of that year.  The day I got married it poured.  Today, on my birthday it's cold and rainy.  I don't mind. It is kind of a reminder of this season I love so much.  There can be a raging storm outside, while inside there is peace, warmth, and comfort.  On my wedding day I stood in the rain for a bit when I nominated myself to put out the sign on the main road to help people find the place.  Just me, my rain boots, and the rain drops.  It was a sacred moment.  Today I stood outside Whole Foods, among the Christmas trees and took in the smell of Christmas heaven.  I really love the smell of evergreen, and one of these days I'm going to get a real freaking Christmas tree and not just a Yankee Candle to go with my fake one.

I have officially decided that November and December are my favorite months of the year, and not for the Chicago winter weather, but for all the goodness that is packed into them. The rest of the year really pales in comparison.

I tried to create a funny word by putting the two words together, but if you cut the words in half and put them back together you get the same freaking word.
November - ember + December - Dec = Crap.
So my new word for the season I love the most: Nocember.  Yup.

Happy Nocember.

Anyways.  Between birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, our anniversary, and New Years, it is hard to pack any more awesomeness into two months.  January really blows.

And while the actual holidays and birthdays are great, I think even more so I love that anticipation leading up to them.  I love the advent season, you know something good is coming, or at least some good food.  While it feels like time flies by, it feels like the world slows down...at least in my head.  I pay more attention and stand in the rain to smell a silly Christmas tree.

So here are some of my Nocember loves:
My mother's Thanksgiving meal, specifically, the stuffing
Bowling with all of the cousins on Thanksgiving night
The birthday cards I receive.  Those that really know me know how much I love an awesome card
The fact that my dad remembered my birthday this year, I think unprompted :)
Adopting a family with my in-laws
Salvation army bell ringers.  They could have my whole purse if it would fit in that slot
Candy Cane Joe-Joe's
Decorating the house for Christmas...pictures to come
The December baby that was born where I was working last year named "Noel"
My Mom's upside down Christmas tree.  Really.  It's bolted to the ceiling.
Gingerbread competition (I need some ideas, I have done a church..with stained glass, and a castle...three feet tall.  I'm really bummed I can't find the pictures of the castle or Jon's Pirate ship)
Singing Silent Night with my family at church
My brother as Santa Claus at Walmart.
Christmas music
So much more.

I really, truly love Nocember.  Here are some pictures to prove it:

Larry bought me sprinkles for my birthday
 Cousin Jaci is a great influence on children

Emme came over to make some Christmas crafts.  She didn't even sew her fingers together.
 We made some headbands
 Her end result Christmas pillow.  Pretty good for a first time seamstress!

I want to give mad props to Lar-Bear for my moms amazing tree.

 The view from under it.  I like to sleep there.
Pictures from our epic fail 1st year anniversary trip.  We did much better going to Florida the following year.
 That is the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at.  It was pretty much as creepy as it looks.
 He was in our room:
 We then went to Kohler Wisconsin and learned about toilets and sinks.  Like I said Epic Fail.
Gingerbread aka Graham crackers and glue guns
Aly made a doll house
Jon made a Trojan horse.  See the gingerbread man coming out the back?

We go all out.  I love Nocember.  I'm off to clean my house (even on my birthday) so that I can put up some Christmas decorations.  Loving it.

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