Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mi Casa

Thanks to my wonderful mother I have made even more progress on my house.  What was our "crap collection room" has now actually turned into an office.  We spent a night organizing and I now have a place to pursue all of my crafty ambitions.  I would love to put some paint on the walls, make the shelves more pretty, paint the trim around the bulletin board, take on more projects than I have time know.  But in the mean time, I'm excited that I have unpacked a room in record time (I unpacked my basement three months before I moved out of my last apartment).  Everything in the room is something that I already owned.
Here's my one and only before picture:

And after:
 Nothing matches perfectly, but I loved the curtains from my last living room and had to use them somewhere!
 Do you see the gobs of organized fabric.  It's been in boxes and I can't wait to get my hands on it.
 It's so pretty.
 I love the antique Ferris wheel.  The hub-ubs tells me it's creepy.
I also put some other touches in my living room.  Here are some before pictures:
 I like that there are three different colored doors.  Very zen.
 Some progress:
 Still rocking the multi-colored doors

And here are the after pictures:
Pictures hung in the hallway 
 Ahhhhh all white doors.  Much better.
 Candles up to warm up the room.
 I stole this idea from my friend Megan.  Herbs in apothecary jars.  Love it.
 A pillow I made for J.  We have a running joke with his family where I buy his sister stupid squirrel stuff and she retaliates with dumb duck stuff.  Only J likes the ducks.  So I made him this pillow.
 Starting to all come together!  I have one more pillow to make.
 We covered the inside of this cabinet with fabric.  Awesome.  See how it all looks crooked.  It is.  The whole house is crooked.
 Pretty dresser.  Pictures up on wall.  Love it.  House turning into a home.
So there you have it.  Too many pictures of our itty bitty ranch.
On a side note, I love candy cane joe-joes.  I bought three boxes.
 I hate leaves, we have raked for many hours and it still looks like crap.
 And our trees are still filled with leaves.  Ewww
Have a wonderful week!  I'm off to sew the night away so that I can sleep through the day before my shift tomorrow night.

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