Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Pumpkin Farm

Not too many words needed to describe this weekend.

I think hospice was the best decision we have made.  We have had a couple really awesome days and I am beyond treasuring this precious time with my mom.  Removing some of the really rough cardiac meds and focusing on quality instead of quantity has been such a relief.

Even though it was freezing, we made our way to the pumpkin farm.  We were quite the site.  My sister's husband was in a car accident about a month ago and is currently in a wheel chair as well.  So gravel walkways and two wheelchairs are not always the best match.  Luckily no one was tossed out of their chair on the bumpy roads.

Please pardon the crazy amount of photos.  My mom must be dying because prior to this even she has always been anti-photo.  Not her thing.  Thankfully, she has gotten over it :)

 Yes child to be, mind you mummy.
 Nothing says fall like apple cider donuts.
 Gorgeous sky, freezing air.  Good thing we had hot apple cider to warm us up.
 Pumpkin farm family portrait.
 Love this lady.
 Paved roads are easier than gravel.
 Pumpkins with butts.  Or something else according to Jon.  We are very mature and ready for a child.

 Who loves corn on the cob doused in butter?  These girls.

 Aly is excited to be out with the momma.
The one and only free photo-op.  You couldn't even walk by the park and the pumpkin patch without separate admission fees.  Silliness.
 Boys on the love bench.


 Oh, forgive me.  The only other free photo-op.

 Refusing to buy maternity sweatshirts at this point.  Hence my glamorous fashion statement.
 What a babe.
 My favorite this season.  White pumpkins.
Couldn't have been a better day.  So grateful for the small moments, for the hot apple cider, corn on the cob, the jokes, the laughs, the donuts, and one more good day with my mom.  Hoping for many more.


  1. The pictures are wonderful Jaci. Your Mom looks great and looks like everyone had fun. Give her my love and still praying for all of you. (Is that baby coming out soon?) LOL

  2. Great pictures Jaci...been practicing the new camera!!! Love seeing your mom happy.

  3. What an amazing day for ALL OF YOU!! Nothing better than family. I can't wait for you all to experience that new little member of the family soon. There is much to be grateful for with so many more blessings to follow. Your smiles lifted my spirits and warmed by heart. Thank you for that.

    My love to all of you,
    Karen (Mrs. Bell)

  4. Looks like you all had a beautiful day together.