Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ode to Craigslist

Quick post about why I love craigslist.
-I've mastered the system.  You want to sell something?  I'll tell you how much you can get.  I can also find the best bargains for purchasing (i.e. my $100 massive cute brown couch).
-We don't need more crap in the world.  I'm becoming more and more fond of buying used and recycling my own stuff.  As a society we are so wasteful.  Now if only I could get my used stuff to come with a warranty  and I would be totally set.
-I've met nice people. Andy who bought all the extra furniture in my basement today was a little off beat, but I'm excited for him and his wife and their new house in Portage Park.  I hope they enjoy my bookshelf, coffee table, tv stand, and side table all for the awesome price of $95 dollars.  What I didn't tell him was that I bought all of that stuff on craigslist for $100 a year ago.  It was like paying a $5 rental fee for furniture for a six months.  Pretty sweet deal to me.
-Speaking of nice people, the dresser that I repainted and sold on craigslist went to this really sweet couple who were using it in their nursery when their baby was born.  They delivered at my hospital and I was their nurse.  Small world, and the pictures of the nursery were super cute.
-I can get nicer stuff that I normally couldn't afford from a store.
-Because I didn't spend much on the front end I'm not terribly upset if something breaks.  I also can turn around and sell it if our furniture needs change.
-The ikea crap is already assembled!
Here's a little run down on my craigslist purchases and sales because it will make me feel accomplished and toot my craigslist master horn:
When we moved into our old apartment I bought the large Ikea expedit shelving unit along with a grey pull-out couch.  The couch was the one thing I've bought on craigslist and didn't really love (the girl was moving accross the country that day and I felt to bad saying no to her.  I'm a sucker).  Total $100  Sold the couch to our friends for $50 and am still using the bookshelf

Cherry kitchen table still in use: $125
Tall cherry kitchen cabinet still in use:  $100

Butcher block: Bought for $50 Sold for $40
Sold a set of shelves that were a hand me down: $30
Sold two couches and a chair that were originally free hand me downs for a total of $120...hellllloooo profit
Dresser hand me down that I refinished and sold for $40
Bought my desk from $10, sold it for $20
Johnnys desk was a free hand me down, sold it for $20
And now I sold the furniture I bought for when we moved in here that ended up not really working in the space for $5 less than what I bought it for 6 months ago.

Not to mention we have found our two really great old apartments on craigslist.
I love craigslist almost as much as Johnny and bargains make me happy.

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  1. You are the Craigslist Queen. You should sell everyones stuff and take a cut ... there might be a nice little profit in that deal! Can't wait to see you desk and all the changes in the apartment.