Sunday, April 10, 2011

Being true to my crafty self

Confession: I like to craft, decorate, and create things for significantly cheaper than I could buy them for... and I don't think I realized how much joy I took away from the projects I worked on. It seems generic in this Etsy filled world and I am pretty sure almost anyone could replicate my crafts.  I also want to dabble more in photography like everyone else and their mother (and I think that wish comes from wanting to have awesome pictures of my kids one day and not having to pay anyone else to take them).
When we moved into the tiny-built-by-monkeys apartment I got rid of my desk and boxed up all of my lovely crafting goodies.  Over the past few weeks we have been trying to make the apartment feel more like home and feel more livable so I have sold some of our furniture on craigslist and we have decided to turn basement into our office.  Johnny and I struck a deal that I could spend money on a desk at ikea that I have been wanting if I could make enough selling our furniture first.
On a side note...I am totally a craigslist master.  I may have missed my calling.  Nursing is a nice profession, but Craigslist master sounds pretty tempting.  Plan B I guess.
So I am starting to rearrange down in the depths of my apartment and I am feeling hopeful.  I'm excited to break out all of my crafty crap and figure out some projects to work on, many of which I will probably never finish.
On a side note, I think my takeaway from this experience is to live in the here and now.  I've left my apartment all packed up thinking that it would only be a year and wasn't worth my time and energy to really get settled.  I was wrong.  Where ever we move next, I want to get settled right away, and be true to the fact that I need a place that feels like home.  I want to put picture on the wall and break out the sequins and the sewing machine.

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  1. Not only was it built by monkeys, but it was built by near-sighted monkeys who cut corners. And apparently who smoked a lot of cigarettes.