Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The food and water challenge

Some of my take aways from the food and water challenge around the halfway mark:
-I don't eat for the right reasons.  I really want to eat sugary crap when I'm stressed out.  I want to eat food because it tastes good and to satisfy an immediate desire, not because I am hungry.  Instant gratification my friends
-As I write this post my stomach is growling and I've decided that rice and beans make oneself exceptionally gassy.  T.M.I., yes, but I think about all the munchkins and their bloated bellies because of how hungry they are. It stinks a little to feel like this and they feel like this All.The.Time
-I keep wanting to cheat while I'm at work, using the excuse that I am not on my game and therefore not the best nurse I can be due to my growling belly.  Truth is, when its super busy I don't eat anyways and I am definitely on my game.  But I've thought about it and there are women all over the world giving birth and eating less that what I have eaten this week.  That sucks.
-I no longer look forward to eating.  I kind of dread it.  Instead I look forward to sleeping...again wanting to immediately satisfy my body.
-It is easier to do things when they are done in community.  If I was doing this challenge on my own, I would have cheated a long time ago.  However, I have a meal planned for the first time I can eat other food with a bunch of friends who are also doing the challenge.  I don't want to be "the cheater friend".  We can savor that first bite together.
-Hunger is a feeling and I am bigger than my body.  God can sustain me and I will be just fine.

I am honestly looking forward to eating some real food, not so much to make the hunger go away, but because they bland diet makes me want to ralph a little bit almost every time I eat.  I'm glad I'm doing it and grateful to have made it this far on God's strength.

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