Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Ugliest Kitchen Ever

I need to be better about posting before photos.  So here is the ugliest kitchen ever.

Here is refrigerator number two and the table the sellers left here with my enormous amounts of "get this done now" crap piles.  Luckily, after a whole month, ComEd will be picking up said refrigerator in a week.

In these picture it actually appears like a kitchen.  This shall be the current angle for all of my kitchen shots from here on out.  Like the harvest gold floor?  It is the third level of linoleum we have been bless with. That space next to the kitchen is from the original beast stove.  We have now replaced the stove....twice.

We rock some nice original 1950's cabinets.  You see those drawers on the left  I am taking a sawsall to them and putting a dishwasher there.  Watch out sucker.

Where the fridge and the counter meet will one day be no more.  This fridge will be shoved against the wall so that I can have a dishwasher...only my counter top won't be long enough to cover it.  Creative solutions anyone?

Like the track on the ceiling?  It is from the original light.  To say the wall paper needs to come down and everything needs to be painted is a bit of an understatement.

In case you are scared of the dark, hooter will lead the way.  Only not really because he only gives off 2 watts of light.

We have high hopes for it one day.  Until then, we plan on cutting out some drawers next to the sink and having putting in a dishwasher that we salvaged from my dad's shed.  It will look interesting to say the least, but I will take an interesting dishwasher over none any day!

In the meantime I noticed something funny.  Ever call you husband this sweet endearing term, when really you are just calling him an idiot?
Prime example:

"Babe, don't you need to get over a lane of we will miss out exit?"
"I know where I am, babe."

What really conspired in this sweet conversation:

"Hey whack job! You are driving really fast in my dad's old rickety van and I'm scared if you don't get over now, I shall surely die."
"I live here too dippy doo and if I wanted to get over already I would have.  I am confident in my driving skills and if I wanted a back seat driver I would ask, thanks."

I'm sure every married couple speaks their own language of love.  There is a little snippet into ours.


  1. Removing the wallpaper was absolutely miserable. It was the first thing I wanted to do when we moved into our house, and actually become the only thing. The said part is we never actually finished since it turns out the previous owners actually painted over half of the wallpaper, which took us far too long to realize.

  2. I love the owl, it's hysterical! Stopping over from Kelly's link-up.

  3. I had to come over from Kelly's Korner when I read your title of ugliest kitchen. I swear mine is worse. You can see part of it here: Green cabinets with wood "trim," grapevine wallpaper everywhere, peachy tones, broken appliances (the dishwasher never did work!), and our fridge is in the butler's pantry next to the kitchen. I can't wait until the day we tear it down to the studs and buy everything brand new!!!!!