Sunday, April 1, 2012

Insert Foot in Mouth ***Oh wait, it tastes good***

Remember that town house we were all ready to close on.  I take it back.  Appaently because we were still in the tail end of the attorney approval process, because we were picking between two closing dates, the seller pulled out for unknown reasons.  We didn't see it coming.  The realtor and the lender said they had never seen a seller pull out at this point before.  Awesome.

This really isn't the end of the world, it hurt a bit to be out the $800 for the inspection and the appraisal, but the kicker is that we already broke our lease and have to be out by April 14.  I'm sure we can crash at some lovely person's house, but the thought of moving all of our stuff into a storage unit to then move again at an unknown date makes me want to yack.

***Side note, I started this blog post last Saturday after losing the town house last Friday.  I decided I was in too crabby of a mood to share my thoughts with anyone and walked away.  I didn't want to just moan and groan.  This girl needed some serious perspective and time to think.***

I am so grateful that I feel a world away from last weekend.  That Saturday we went to see a bunch more town homes, with absolutely no luck. I was done and burnt out.  Our sweet Realtor has been such a source of strength through this whole en devour. Saturday night a three bedroom home popped up in a town we never thought we would be able to afford a home in, one suburb outside the Chicago city limits. I sent it over to the Realtor and she convinced us to see it on Sunday, much to my dismay.  So we saw it on Sunday, and after our time warp back to 1960 we decided we really loved it.  It needs updating and some TLC, but it has great bones.  We put in an offer that night and it was accepted within hours. The inspection last Tuesday showed no major flaws.  A single family home, in our price range, in an awesome community.  I am still floored.  Of course I kept reiterating to myself that there was a plan and that God was in control, but there was a part of me that didn't want to believe it.  I really wanted to wallow and cry for a good long day.  I didn't want to believe that there would be something better, that we could really be blessed beyond what we already found, or even more than that, that God might want us to be a bit more uncomfortable for a little while.  I surely didn't want to believe that.  When really, we have it so good and even having to crash at someone's place for a little while wouldn't have been a big deal.  (Like I said I couldn't really think straight last weekend).

In the end I am once again astounded by God's goodness.  While this house might also be taken away, the experience has allowed us to deepen our faith and learn to trust more.  We felt so loved by the family and friends that have offered to let us live with them, or even more, have offered to store our stuff.  We might  need to still take them up on that depending on our closing date.  It's so hard for me to ask for help, but I am slowly learning.  We will be asking for more help once we are ready to take on some projects in this beauty of a home.  Anyone have experience in ripping out massive bushes or awnings?

At first I regretted telling people about the town home, but really, it is a part of our lives.  While I love talking about life's glittery moments, that isn't really the whole picture. This experience gave us a chance to grow.  This whole foot in my mouth tastes delicious, who would have known.  While it was a rough weekend, we have really ended up in a much better spot, and I am still not really over it.  You know what else I am not over, that brown stove is called an "Ultramatic."  I don't even use one burner too often, not sure why anyone would want six.  So feel free to come on over in a few weeks and I'll cook on my motha-of-a stove for you.  Goat Fest will be held at yet another location.

I am ready for the permanence of buying a house.  I never thought my moving loving self, would say that, but it is time to grow some roots.  To invest in a community and meet some more neighbors.

Holding onto hope that there is a plan, whether this is it, or not.


  1. So excited for you Jaci (and a little excited for us you're going to be so close!)

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