Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm in a blogging rut.

I need to clean my house, so I thought that procrastinating via blogging would help said rut.  No such luck.

Since I have nothing of substance to talk about, I thought I would go in the complete opposite direction. And just dump the pictures from my phone in the past week.

Exhibit A
I was peacefully siting on my couch minding my own business when this creeper scared the crap out of me.

I am convinced we have too many squirrels in our neighborhood and that some may be demoned possessed.  They run up our screens in the summer and I fear they will ruin the garden I would like to have.  Little buggers.

 Yea run away...

Exhibit B: I have been running with my sister lately.  The little girl she watches likes to text me from the itouch.  Read the conversation below.  Hilarious.  That kid cracks me up.  Maybe minions= squirrels

Exhibit C: When we were in Disney World, one of our favorite things to do is to find the hidden Mickeys.  Can you find it?

How about a little closer?

Sorry to have wasted five minutes of your day! Hope it gets better from here and no minions are out to get you.

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