Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm an adult and I went to Starved Rock

This whole post does not need to be a proclamation to my adulthood.  However, there are a few weird things I do and get away with because I am an adult.  For some reason all these things are related to food and I feel the need to go public with them.  Confession maybe?  So here are some strange things I do because I can:
I race to eat my cereal once I pour the milk.  I hate soft cereal.  Usually I'm a slow eater, I get over it once the milk is poured.
Speaking of cereal.  I don't like the Luckies.  So many times when I am in a particularly sugar needing mood, I eat just the Charms.  Couldn't do that when I was a kid (as if there is even any nutrition in the Luckies anyways).
My favorite ice cream is Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip.  But I eat  it out of the gallon.  And I only eat the chips and whatever ice cream is on my spoon with the chip.  It's like a treasure hunt and the chips are the gold.  Try it sometime.
If I have milk with an oreo I eat the whole thing.  No milk=no chocolate cookie.  Yes I am completely disgusting and lick the lard out of the cookie and love every minute of it. I then proceed to throw out the cookie part.  I think I like both parts in the milk because the milk dissolves the cookie. (Ironic how I hate soggy cereal but I like soggy cookies).

OK now that you know how incredibly weird and disgusting I am, let's move on.

This weekend we went to Starved Rock with some wonderful friends and it was glorious.  The fire was not so glorious because we bought wet wood.  The weather was beautiful for hiking, really fricking cold for sleeping...but luckily I had a nice husband to keep me warm.  So here are some pictures of the trip.

Our tent looks like a midget tent.  It supposedly sleeps 4, I think it's a lie.
  Freezing with friends.  Please don't mind my morning hair.
 Greg doesn't have high regard for his fingers.
 Can you cook over smoke?  Not so much.
 Not so level griddle.
 Morning breath.  Morning hair.  Morning love.
 Do you see the loan egg on the griddle.  Anna was trying to hard-fire-pit it.
 This is how it turned out.
 The view from Starved Rock.

 So pretty

 Our little monkies.
 God gives the Midwest a small taste of what nature can really be.

 Yep, we went there.  The sign had already been defaced, we just took it to the next level.
 How many people can you fit in the tree?  We fit three.

 This picture reminds me of the little tastes of heaven we get in life.  We see glimpses of it and whispers from it, but until we get there we will never know the full extent.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with great memories.

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