Sunday, September 11, 2011

House Progress

Can I scream my love for craigslist on a mountaintop?  Because I would.  We once again bought furniture off of  C-List and painted/stained it to make it more of what I wanted.  I honestly have never met a rude person when I have sold or picked up furniture.  This time they were a little interesting, but extremely nice none the less.  So the mission was to find a sideboard/credenza/buffet to create into a place for storage and to put our TV on.  The coffee table the TV was currently resting on looked way to small in the room.  So for forty dollars we ended up with this (Please excuse the picture quality it the photos to follow, the point and shoot just isn't the same):

I always forget to take before this is mid sanding...and there is plenty of sawdust in the air.

 After sanding the top, I stained it darker.  Thanks to neighbor Bob, I didn't even need to buy stain!
And then if you skip ahead through all the painting, we ended up with this:
 Not too shabby for $40!  Correction $44.  I did buy spray paint to change the knobs and pulls.  Would highly recommend it!  Everything else I used was stuff we already had or things that neighbor Bob let me barrow.
 The flash made the top look more yellow than it is.

I love it and think it turned out great!  It inspired me to potentially never buy new furniture.  My husband helped me paint and it inspired him to let me buy something new next time.  Interesting how that happens.

We also finished painting the chalk board wall in the laundry room.  So needless to say we spent a good amount of time trying it out.

 Because every wall needs a dinosaur and robot.  Oh, and don't shove your fingers in that outlet.

I wonder why drawing is more fun when you can do it on your wall.  


  1. great work! the tv stand looks amazing!!!

  2. Looks great!! You have great vision, Jaci!!