Friday, September 9, 2011

Ebb and Flow

I was talking with my cousin lately about how excited we are to put away the shorts.  We hate shorts.  Our genetically engineered thighs look like crap in shorts.  Beyond my thighs, there is this whole sensation that comes over me in the fall, and I love it.

 I would also love to have a nice camera to go document all of the things about fall that I love, but alas my birthday is not until November.

 I get ecstatic about the sweatshirts and jeans.  The boots and knits. The pumpkin spice lattes and the Yankee candles that scream "take me to the pumpkin patch."  I even love all the school supplies that are now on sale, and I am holding back my desire for my own back to school shopping spree.  Maybe I could have a back to work again shopping spree in honor of fall.  Just a thought.

 I have a whole different demeanor when we turn this corner into fall weather.  65 and sunny just brightens my day.    I was once commenting on how much I loved the changing colors of the leaves to a friend, to which she responded, "I"m glad you like to watch things die."  Apparently fall does not surround her in the same type of ambiance.

So this fall I want to do  my best to take in the small things.  To savor the pumpkin spice lattes (I talk about them like I buy them daily, I will probably treat myself to one or two the whole season.  So I will savor every freaking sip).  I will enjoy an after-family-dinner-walk outside in the brisk air, and take any extra snuggles I can get from the Gav.  I'm going to make some stupid fall craft and love every second of it.  Fall comes and goes so quickly, and I don't want to miss it this year.

And because I only like to post with pictures, here are some original Goat Fest pictures.  We will host our 3rd  Goat Fest this year, and I'm stoked...and scared that it won't be as awesome as last year.  Later this weekend I want to write a post about how Goat Fest came to fruition and the highlights of the parties over the years.

I am off to buy screen printing ink to commence the shirt making.  Wish us luck.

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