Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Waiting for the Storm

I'm sitting in my window sill waiting for the big storm that is supposedly coming.  I love storms.  I love how they have the power to bring people together.  What else can I talk to my crazy neighbors about?

I can remember getting all worked up by storm warnings in the past, but then it would be a huge let down.  This summer's storms however have delivered and showed up their sissy friends of the past. We will see how this one lives up to its warning.   I am most likely able to love storms this much because we have only lost power once and it was for only one day, unlike many of my friends.
Storms draw you in and are easy to watch and enjoy when you can do it from a distance.  When it doesn't make your life messy.  But we don't grow as much when we watch the storm from a safe distance.  While nothing monumental happened this past year, I feel like my life was in the middle of a storm.  I had to learn how to deal with the hail and the wind.  I started to break down and feel more damaged than I had in a long time.  But looking back now, after the eye of the storm has passed, I am better for it.  And my friendships are richer for it.  People came together and built me back up.  They challenged me and called the best out of me, my husband in particular.

The kiddo across the street has no idea about the storm that is coming.  The Power Wheels Jeep won't be so much fun at 3 miles an hour when you are getting pelted by hail girlfriend.  I think many times I am a lot like the girl in the Jeep.  I think life is flying by, and I have no idea what is coming. I think that is how we are supposed to live our lives.  There isn't much of a point in stalking weather.com.  It doesn't change what is coming.  I trust that it will be O.K.  That God is in control.  And that sometimes a storm isn't such a bad thing.

In the time I have taken to write this post, this storm has chickened out.  No golf ball size hail for me.  Bummer.  How many times in our lives do we stress and worry about something we have no control over?  No need. What will be, will be.  I will just prepare my best for what lies ahead.  I guess the Toyota Echo will keep the paint it has left for another day.

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