Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Getting nervous and excited about the new things coming up in our lives.  My last shift was bittersweet.  I'm really going to miss the girls I work with and I can definitely seeing myself going back to that hospital to deliver once we enter that stage of life.  I've made some great memories and shared some wonderful moments with colleagues and patients.  Here is some documentation that we had a great time at the cubs game.

I'm going to take pictures and some measurements of the new house we are heading to.  Trying to decide what if anything to sell on craigslist.  We shall see.  Looking forward to the DIY opportunities!

This past weekend we went to another wedding.  I love weddings.  I love what they stand for and I love the celebration.  It was so great to stand alongside Megan and Mark and to have been able to watch them grow into the couple they have become.  It is also so great when you are able to go to wedding with a bunch of close friends. Most importantly (not really), I love the dance floor.  I want to open a bar/restaurant that is set up to be like a wedding reception.  No need for the bump and grind like the clubs of today, just a good ol' fashion dance floor.  I apologize for the upcoming picture overload, just feeling the need to document our mundane life.

See, I do love the dance floor.  Even the cupid shuffle.
I need to get off the computer and start packing, like 2 hours ago.  Oh well.  You would think my crap would know how to pack itself by now.

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